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Getting There

The best ways to transfer from the airport or train station to Zermatt

Top Tip: Swiss Rail Transfer Ticket


Swiss Boeing 777 and  the Matterhorn
Visp Zermatt train winter
Tasch Zermatt Shuttle Train
Matterhorn Terminal Tasch Parking
Visp Zermatt train summer
air_zermatt helicopter summer

Airport overview and transfer times

Airport Guide: Zurich ¦ Geneva ¦ Basel ¦ Milan

Taxi-Limousine transfer prices

Helicopter transfer prices

If you have chosen a Zermatt chalet rental and need help planning your journey then read on for the most comprehensive guide on the internet. Zermatt is not as far as it may seem and getting here can be an enjoyable part of your holiday. It takes under 3 hours by car from Geneva, or 1 1/4 hours from Sion, and just 3 1/2 hours by train. As we are based in Zermatt we are well placed to advise you on the different travel options available, and can make transfer bookings on your behalf. We will always meet you upon your arrival in Zermatt and take you by electric taxi to your accommodation.

Our Top Tip:

Free train travel for children up to age 16, and save 30% on your adult return rail tickets from any Swiss airport to Zermatt and back with the Swiss Transfer Ticket.

Train frequency between all Swiss airports and Zermatt is now two connections per hour until late afternoon.

Swiss railways offer visiting tourists the opportunity to buy a greatly discounted return transfer rail ticket from any airport in Switzerland to their final destination and back for a flat rate of CHF 141 (instead of 200) per adult in second class, and CHF 226 (instead of 350) per adult in first class. Children up to the age of 16 accompanied by at least one adult travel for free, click on 'Family Card' to obtain this. These tickets must be purchased in advance outside Switzerland, and can be bought online and printed at home. For train timetables the same Federal Railways website is excellent. The small-gauge red mountain train that takes you on the last section from Visp to Zermatt is a highlight in itself and a great hit with kids.

Our recommended methods of travel:

If transferring by train: fly to Zurich or Geneva and take the train to Visp, where you change to the mountain train direct to Zermatt. The whole journey is very scenic, going alongside lakes, vineyards and mountains with typically Swiss efficiency. Please note that the Zurich trains are more comfortable than the Geneva ones, they have refreshments on board and often a dining car too. If you are in a hurry, or have a lot of luggage or children, then from Visp book a limousine or people carrier transfer direct to Zermatt. The connection time is short between trains.

If you prefer a limousine / people carrier transfer all the way: Sion and Geneva are the closest airports. Going by car from Zurich to Zermatt takes considerably longer.

If you are coming with your own car: you must park in Täsch, the last village before Zermatt from where there is a shuttle train or taxi into Zermatt. Trains leave every 20 minutes and take 12 minutes. If you park in the adjacent Matterhorn Terminal you can wheel the luggage carts onto the train.

If you are coming in by private jet, Sion is the closest airport, from where a helicopter transfer to Zermatt can be booked.

And now on to the detail:

Flying to either Zurich or Geneva airports is the most convenient: they both have twice-hourly train connections to Zermatt from in-airport train stations. Note that many of our Zermatt apartment rentals run from Sunday to Sunday in winter in order to avoid the Saturday ski travel crowds and costs - almost all hotels have a Saturday changeover day. From the UK and other European countries, it typically takes a good half day to get to Zermatt, which is comparable to most resorts and chalets in the Alps. There isn't usually time to ski on the day of arrival, but if you book a late flight back then you can often get a full day's skiing on departure day.

Airport Overview

Because Geneva is a major gateway for skiers wishing to ski Switzerland, it is often very busy and flights can become expensive at peak times. In addition to Zurich and Basel; the Milan airports are also worth considering, especially Milan Malpensa, which is geographically the closest airport to Zermatt.

Open jaw flights: many airlines, including BA and Easyjet and Swiss will allow you to book your outbound flight to one airport and your inbound from a different airport, so for instance you can fly into Zurich and back from Geneva. This is well worth considering for a greater number of price and schedule options.

Airport transfer times to Zermatt - here is an overview of average train times and driving times from surrounding airports to Zermatt.

Transfer: by train by car
Zurich 3:35 4:15
Geneva 3:45 2:45
Basel 3:14 4:00
Milan Malpensa 4:00 2:45
Milan Linate 4:00 3:20
Sion 2:00 1:15

Geneva and Zurich have very convenient train stations at the airports, which enable you to take your baggage cart directly from arrivals to the train (they can be taken on the escalators). The other destinations require a transfer from the airport to the nearest train station by either bus or taxi. This takes 10 - 60 minutes at Milan Malpensa and up to 45 minutes at Milan Linate. We give you more details below under each airport heading.

The two essential tools which we use when travelling ourselves are:

Momondo Flight Search Engine

Momondo simultaneously searches all flights by all carriers, both low-cost and regular, between any two points in Europe, and gives you total prices including all fees and surcharges, thus making comparisons very easy. Tip: click on the 'timetable' tab to seperate inbound and outbound flights.

Swiss Railways timetable: All train times including to/from Italy are available on this site.

Top Tip: Don't forget that, as we mentioned above, Swiss railways offer visiting tourists the opportunity to buy a greatly discounted return transfer rail ticket (and free for children under 16) visit the Swiss Railways online agency.

Zurich Airport

The train transfer time is slightly faster than from Geneva. In addition to Swiss, BA, Easyjet and other European airlines, there are also more intercontinental flights to Zurich than to Geneva, making Zurich the best choice for overseas visitors.

NB it is worth getting a flight which arrives in Zurich in time to catch the 18:40 train (or earlier ones), as there is a longer wait for the next (last train).

The train station is in the airport building and you can take baggage trolleys on the escalators - they have specially designed rubber teeth! Take the mainline train toward Brig and change at Visp for the small-gauge red train which winds its way up the valley to Zermatt. Depending on the train, sometimes you need to change at Bern first before Visp, (but it is more convenient to choose the direct ones). Train timetable here.

Trains leave at 13 and 40 min past the hour. Trains departing at 13 min past the hour are going to Geneva, so you will need to make an extra change in Bern, to take the Brig train. It is usually a same-platform change. Trains departing at 40 min past the hour go directly to Brig. In both cases get off at Visp for the Zermatt train.


Last train with fast connection to Zermatt:
Zurich airport depart: 18:40
Zermatt arrive: 22:13

Last train with connection to Zermatt:
Zurich airport depart: 20:18
Zermatt arrive: 00:18

Last direct train to Visp:
Zürich Airport depart: 20:43
Visp arrive: 00:59, then Taxi.

First train from Zermatt to Zurich:
Zermatt depart: 05:37
Zurich Airport arrive: 09:16


Geneva Airport

Swiss, British Airways, Easyjet and BMI are the airlines with the most flights to Geneva.

In our experience the best deals are either with Easyjet or Swiss - the latter can be surprisingly useful, especially from London City Airport. If you can't find availability or a good price, then it's worth looking at Zurich, Basel, or Milan Malpensa.

The train station is in the airport building and you can take baggage trolleys on the escalators - they have specially designed rubber teeth! Take the mainline train toward Brig and change at Visp for the small-gauge red train which winds its way up the valley to Zermatt. Trains leave at 20 and 50 min past the hour until 16:20, thereafter hourly until 18:20, and then there is a 2 hour gap until the last train at 20:20 . Note that there are no refreshments on any of these trains, so do purchase bottled water before boarding!

NB it is worth getting a flight which lands in time to catch the 18:20 train, as the next and last train to Zermatt is at 20:20.

If you are arriving at the airport late in the evening, it will be necessary to do the final leg, between Visp and Zermatt, by limousine. This costs around CHF 50 per person if there are 4 or more travelling together. Limousines need to be pre-booked and we would be glad to do so for you.

Last train with connection to Zermatt:
Geneva Airport depart: 20:20
Zermatt arrive: 00:18

Last direct train to Visp:
Geneva Airport depart: 22:20
Visp arrive: 00:59, then Taxi.

First Train from Zermatt to Geneva:
Zermatt depart: 05:37
Geneva Airport arrive: 09:39

Sion Airport

Sion is the closest airport to Zermatt, just 1 1/4 hours by road or 15 minutes by helicopter. It is used by private jets only currently, but as of next season (2018-19), a new airline Powdair is planning to start a daily service between the UK and Sion.

Basel EuroAirport

Journey time to Zermatt is shorter by 20 minutes than from Zurich, but the train station is not in the airport, so you need to transfer by bus or taxi. The bus from the airport to the main train station, Basel SBB, leaves every 10 minutes, and takes 20 minutes. The last train leaves Basel SBB at 20:31, arriving in Zermatt at 00:18.

Milan Malpensa Airport 

There is one great connection in the Zermatt - Malpensa direction, departing at 08:13 in the morning, arriving at Gallarate (10 minutes from Malpensa) at 11:03, please see below. Most of the other train connexions now require you to take the train to/from Milano Centrale mainline station (instead of Gallarate), which adds about 1 hour to the journey time. From Milan the mainline express EC trains go to Brig in Switzerland where you change onto the little red mountain train. Total train journey time is usually around 4 hours, with a departure every 2-3 hours.

Prices can be very advantageous compared to Swiss airports, particularly at peak dates such as school holidays. It is of course perfectly feasible with Easyjet to fly out to Geneva or Zurich and back from Malpensa, or vice-versa, for instance.

Last connecting train from Milano Centrale to Zermatt (change in Brig):
Milan depart: 19:25
Zermatt arrive: 23:44

First connection from Zermatt to Gallarate (close to Malpensa):
Zermatt depart: 08:13
Gallarate arrive: 11:03

Milan Linate Airport

This is as convenient as Malpensa as the transfer to Milano Centrale train station is quite fast (20-30 minutes by taxi or direct bus) and the shopping is divine!

Last train from Milano Centrale:
Main station depart: 19:25
Zermatt arrive: 23:44

Taxi / Limousine Transfers

Note that only Zermatt/Täsch based companies can drive you all the way to Zermatt itself. With other services you will have to stop in Täsch and book a local car from Täsch to Zermatt (10 minutes).

Typical Taxi Transfers rates


Car: 2 Persons

People Carrier 3-6 pers.

Minibus 7-11 pers.


CHF 830

CHF 920

CHF 1050


CHF 940

CHF. 1050

CHF 1200


CHF 950

CHF 1050

CHF 1150


CHF 640

CHF 750

CHF 850


CHF 140

CHF 170

CHF 290

Helicopter Transfers

The quickest and most spectacular way of getting here; Zermatt has its own heliport. One way of experiencing this luxury is to take the train to Sion, and the helicopter transfer from there, which keeps costs down. Note that your baggage will have to be transfered by a seperate car.

Helicopter Transfers with Air Zermatt (only during daylight hours)


Single engine: max 5 Pers.

Twin engine: max 7 Pers

Flight time - one way


CHF. 6'140.-

CHF. 10'130.-

c. 60 Minutes


CHF. 5'060.-

CHF. 8'350.-

c. 45 Minutes


CHF. 6'580.-

CHF. 10'860.-

c. 70 Minutes


CHF. 3'620.-

CHF. 5'970.-

c. 35 Minutes


CHF. 1'630.-

CHF. 2'690.-

c. 15 Minutes