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Summer Alpine Holidays

Summer Alpine Holidays

Swim, play beach volley ball, sunbathe and... summer ski in Zermatt

Whether you are seeking the ultimate sporting holiday or just the complete relaxation that only the mountains can offer, Zermatt remains a secret paradise in the Summer months.

Indeed Zermatt is as busy in the summer as it is in winter and there are many more activities on offer than on a typical beach holiday. You can not only swim and play tennis or golf, but also ski, paraglide, mountain bike, or gently hike to a gourmet lunch, to name just a few options. There is in fact such a variety of leisure and sporting activities that one can not do them all in a week.

Streetlife and nightlife are vibrant, yet it is also easy to get away from it all and wander lonely as a cloud to take a nap in a meadow. The combination of snow-capped mountains, lush woods, sunny pastures and a charming village exuberant with flowers makes for a very special setting. When you add to this hot sunny days and cosily cool nights with no mosquitoes, safe clubs and car-free streets, you get the perfect holiday.

That is why, if you have never experienced a summer mountain holiday, we confidently recommend it and encourage you to try. All of our luxury chalets in Zermatt are available for summer rental at very good summer rates. Try our legendary Zermatt Lodge, our charming Chalet Heidi or our cosy Chalet Carmen which together with our other chalets constitute some of the finest properties in Zermatt.

Did you know?

  • There are more than 100 restaurants in Zermatt to choose from in the summer.
  • Zermatt is the only ski resort in the world where the skiing never closes.
  • Night-clubs do not charge entrance, and the drinks are reasonably priced.
  • There are at least three different ways of flying in Zermatt in the summer.